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        1. สล็อต ฟรี เครดิต ถอน ได้ 2019

          NAIT’s technical training and applied education is designed to meet the demands of Alberta's industries – graduates have the knowledge and skills employers want. They leave NAIT confident, prepared and in demand.



          Come out and glow as we host our 2nd annual Ravercise fitness event!

          Beyond the Business

          Why do we look so negatively on failure? Hank Van Weelden shares why we should reflect and learn from each and every problem.

          Upcoming Events

          • Apr 18
            PCRG & QUENCH
          • May 02
          • May 16
            PCRG & QUENCH
          • Jun 20
            PCRG & QUENCH
          • Jul 18
            PCRG & QUENCH
          • Aug 15
            PCRG & QUENCH

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          Giving to NAIT

          NAIT is essential and our success depends on you. We have launched a fundraising campaign to support our students, applied research and the Centre for Applied Technology. Read about Essential: The mpaign